Fine art


Hello, My name is Aniko Vigh, and I'm an artist and creative coach based in Zürich Switzerland. 

My passion lies in creativity, intuition, and connection. 

I am fascinated with two main things:

  1. The human body expression, especially with the female figure. 

  2. Intuitive painting and Mixed Media art

I love to get messy with my hands and play with paper.

I never know how the piece will end up and I let the painting lead me. 

Creating art is an ongoing process of staying in the present moment, facing any emotion that comes up, learning to let everything go, and trusting the experience itself.

Although I'm a licensed Art Therapist I mainly use the tools in my personal Art making, in coaching other creatives, and in my personal therapeutic practice. My desire is to create art that heals and touches other people's hearts, and to connect and mentor other creators in their Art Journey.

If you want to say Hi, ask a question, buy my work or work with me, feel free to send an email to 


You can follow my journey here 

P. Roni 

"Aniko is an amazing therapist.

She opened a door to my inner creativity, which was not accessible to me at all before. 

With her loving presence she gently and clearly guided me into my inner world. In this journey I met places of inner strength and creativity. She also supported me in gently meeting also difficult places, places holding pain and fear. I cherish the process I went with Aniko and it accompanies me ever since."