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watsu, water healing for women kohphangan thailand

WATSU │ Water healing for women

We currently live in a time where women often feel disconnected from their emotional and physical selves. We live in a society that has embodied hyper-masculine traits: striving towards goals, focusing on future progression, with an energy of constant doing and not pausing. Often women find themselves rejecting the feminine qualities to fit in a society that is masculine-driven. Finding themselves sucked into the grind of work, pushing through, controlling, and leading. Resulting in rejecting their feminine side, and feeling disconnected, drained, and overwhelmed.


I invite you to Pause. Slow down. And come back. 

Come back to reconnect to your feminine qualities; your softness, tenderness, openness, calm, and present self. Reestablish your connection to your intuitive self, which knows, that lives in deep Trust. If you're reading this it might be that you're being called by your intuition to connect more to your feminine. 


My intention in offering water sessions for women is to invite you to first of all soften. By softening your body, mind, and spirit you're opening up. Once there is openness, you will start to be receptive and embrace the benefits of Watsu healing therapy. 


The Watsu massage was born from the union of the Japanese Shiatsu massage with the therapeutic effect of water. Since it was created in the 80’s, it has become one of the most beneficial water therapies in the world. The session is done in a private setting one-on-one in a warm therapeutic pool.


Watsu is a wonderful practice of gentle movements, stretches, and massage. Your body is floating and held in safe and nurturing arms. Time slows down and you may feel as if you are floating in a warm protective womb. Watsu helps release physical and emotional tension resulting in a deep state of relaxation.

Further benefits your body will appreciate receiving: 

  • Calming down your nervous system and ending the session feeling deeply relaxed and soft

  • Reduces anxiety and stress levels

  • Promotes a sense of general well-being and peace

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Helps the body recover after a strenuous exercise

  • Reduces general pain

  • Improves digestion

I invite you to take a break, knowing that everything that needs to be done will eventually get done. Maybe it's time to prioritize your need for soothing, nourishing love and care. 


I offer sessions In Hebrew English, and German. 

Beach Sand

Aga, 36, Portugal 

"This was probably the deepest state of relaxation that I achieved through working with someone, having my body completely surrendered and floating in the warm waters hold safely by Aniko, with deep inner peace that followed. Gentle movement and stretches allowed me to drop deeper, while all world went silent - having my ears underwater but also mind quieting. I felt safe and seen, held and trusting. I went to a deep meditative state, nourishing for my nervous system. I really appreciate intuitive wisdom and access to subtle energetic work and the space Aniko created for me to have such a deep experience. Thank you!"
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