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Intuitive Art

art therapy and coaching for adults

Intuitive Art 

Embark on a unique journey where you're letting your intuition speak through art. 

No skills needed, no talent needed. Only your willingness to enter the

unknown, drop from mind to heart

and see what happens.​

Intuitive painting is a unique journey where we express from the heart rather than from the mind. Instead of following a specific idea and outcome, we are following curiosity, gut impulses, visions, and imagination. It's an open field where the person and the surface come into conversation. Your words are replaced with lines, brush strokes, colors, and texture. You learn to let go, stop overthinking, and drop into the body.

  • You learn to distinguish what are expectations and ideas vs deep knowing and intuition

  • You learn to cultivate deep listening and slowly as you go you discover what is alive inside of you

It's a beautiful journey of developing a stronger connection to your true nature, inner wisdom, and your intuitive self. When you have that connection, then life becomes juicy. You start to live a meaningful, purposeful soul-led life. 


“But I'm not an artist, I can't paint, I suck at painting, Im not talented, I don't know how” 

I hear you. And the good news is that you don't need to be an artist or “talented” to be able to paint intuitively.

In intuitive painting, we are focusing on the process and not on the end result. The goal is not to make art, the goal is to discover, heal, and reconnect to ourselves. 


If you can't think of yourself as a creative person, I invite you to think of yourself as a creator. All of us create every moment, we create relationships, feelings, children, businesses, friendships, meals, technology, and so on. However, not many of us are used to being a creator on the page. That doesn’t mean you can't do it. If your body is giving you signs of curiosity and soft nudges then listen to it. If you sense a bit of fear, nervousness, and excitement in your heart then follow it. 

Intuitive painting is perfect for you if you're looking to:  


  • Shift stuck emotions (fears, sadness, guilt, shame, stress, anxieties, etc) 

  • Find clarity and a sense of direction. Not staying confused and moving on 

  • Stop overthinking, overdoing, overworking, over controlling

  • Reconnect to your heart and gut to know exactly what you feel 

  • Ease into the unknown, get comfortable with not knowing

  • Trust again in yourself, your environment and life 

  • Stay connected to your feminine: soft, at ease, receptive, available and open 

  • Integrate new profound insights from recent therapy/healing sessions 

6 major benefits to intuitive painting 


Inner knowing 

You forgot that you carry inside of you some valuable wisdom. You’ve been taught not to listen or trust your knowingness. So you slowly forgot how to listen to it. However, only you really know and have the answers to your questions. 

Intuitive painting helps you access powerful insights, and uncover what’s underneath the surface. You discover your inner compass and learn to trust it and follow it. A new sense of direction and clarity is being shown to you. In the painting process you’ll experience moments of not knowing; what do I do from this point? Where do I go from here? You’ll learn to tolerate not knowing for a while until you receive the direction and answers you were waiting for. You’ll learn to ease into that process and find yourself back in constant movement of flow. 


Creativity & Play 

life is busy, and the days are long. Making time for play and creativity seems like a waste of time. “It's not productive or beneficial enough.” Intuitive painting invites you to step out of productive mode and gets you into the field of play. Trying something new, going on an unknown journey where you don't know what happens next, where it will take you, or how it will end. A door is opening for new discoveries, and so you get more curious, more playful, and more creative.  


Becoming alive and juicy 

The more creative you are the more alive you get. Alive to dare, take risks, live with passion, and drive. When you allow yourself to play, explore, and experiment you develop the skill of finding creative solutions to challenging life circumstances. You become more content, joyful, and hungry for pleasure. Suddenly you're opening up and life becomes less serious, and juicy again.

Dropping from mind to heart  

Most of us learned how to disconnect from our emotions and body so we can survive and function in life. That’s why many of us are so much in our heads. The process of Intuitive painting is the process of dropping from mind to heart. Tuning inwards rather than outwards so you can reconnect again to what’s alive inside of you. 



When you paint you don't think. It's a time when your mind enjoys moments of silence, a break. Staying with the body, sensing and feeling. Being in the present moment.

Balanced yin and yang 

Intuitive painting is a journey where you constantly shift between the masculine and the feminine. You’ll be in your masculine where you’ll be making decisions and taking action. And then you’ll be finding yourself in the feminine, where you're required to trust, let go, soften, and stay open to receive a new insight. What a wonderful way to learn how to enjoy both qualities. Letting the masculine and the feminine coexist together. 

The process of intuitive painting  

Throughout the entire journey, I'll be there holding the space and providing the guidance you need. I'll be asking powerful questions, we'll work with imagination, role-play, associations, and symbols. The more open you are the deeper the journey will go. 



First step  

Intuitive painting starts with no specific plan in mind. We are not attached to an outcome nor do we have a preference for how it should be looking like. Well, begin to make the first marks on paper with the help of some guiding questions. We'll choose to explore certain topics in our lives so we can receive answers/direction/clarity about them. A good start will be asking yourself; What is my intention with this journey? What am I hoping it will help me with? What is one thing that I seek to explore more? What do I wish to connect with?


The process  

Once we have the first lines we check in with ourselves about what in the painting resonates, attracts, and excites us. Then we learn to trust our impulses and follow them. We use questions, associations, feelings, sensations, and imagination to go deeper into the painting. We stay connected and engaged with the process the entire time. 



At this part of the journey, you’ll be able to see the whole process in front of you. New messages will be received, all from your intuition and inner wisdom. The end means you reached a point where the painting is complete, it will resonate in your body. A beautiful relationship is built between the painting and you. Journaling is very much encouraged at this point. It's a moment to reflect and Integrate.  



It takes time to hear what your heart wants to paint and see what your intuition wants to say.

Having a day to dive deeper into this beautiful journey is a great way to immerse yourself in intuitive art. The monthly workshops are designed to be small and intimate with individual attention, usually not more than 5 participants. It is held in a beautiful peaceful place, in nature, close to the ocean. During that day we will paint on the same canvas for about 5 to 6 hours. It’s a great day to dedicate only to yourself. Come and join us! 


You will find more details on my social media, please contact me if you have any questions.

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Weekly classes are a great practice to integrate into your weekly routine.

You can choose to come once or to commit to a 3 part painting series. Each week continuing the painting process and layer by layer discovering more messages, and new insights.

These classes are an opportunity to:

  • Slowly build up your sense of intuition

  • Find emotional release 

  • Deepen your sense of trust & knowning

Week by week you’ll get to expand and become more alive and more creative. The classes are 90 minutes long and are in a small group setting to ensure individual support and guidance. 


One-time purchase 850THB 

Series of 3 classes 2000THB

Every one of us wants to express ourselves. Take that time and join us! 

Intuitive painting one:one is a wonderful therapeutic space for healing. 

I’m a certified Art therapist and cognitive behavioral coach. Since 2017 I have been working with people from all walks of life. Helping them process their traumas, release stuck emotions, build their self-worth, and feel more confident, whole, secure, and free. 


You might sense the need for more support after an intuitive painting journey.  

In a private session, you can:

  • Receive help and guidance in a professional therapeutic setting

  • Release deeper emotional layers 

  • Find more clarity new understandings and insights 

  • Learn how to integrate what you have experienced, into your daily life  


These sessions are very healing and therapeutic. 

Learn more about my offerings 



Contact me to know more about the workshops/classes/private sessions. I offer exploratory calls to help you decide if intuitive art is for you. Youre welcome to write me and request to schedule a call. 

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