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Art & Healing 

Enjoy a collection of my personal journeys and of more intuitive artists.

Keep in mind that these paintings are only examples set to inspire. That doesn’t mean you must express yourself the same way. I encourage you to use these examples as an eye opener and not as a tool for comparison. 

We are all unique individuals that bring different stories and are one of a kind.

To learn more about Intuitive art and it's benefits, read more here: 

My Intuitive
painting journeys 

Inspiring Intuitive Artists 


Michele Cassou a pioneer in intuitive art

Flora Bowley


Haley Hoover

Intuitive painting art therapy student 2016


Contact me to know more about the workshops/classes/private sessions. I offer exploratory calls to help you decide if intuitive art is for you. Youre welcome to write me and request to schedule a call.

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