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Art & Healing 

art therapy and coaching for teens kohphangan

Art Therapy │ Coaching for Teens

In this day and age children and teens are faced with many challenges such as tremendous pressure to perform and succeed, chronic comparison leading to screen addiction, lack of motivation, FOMO, social anxiety, isolation, depression, and soo much more. Children and Teens embody beliefs that are harming and sabotaging their potential. Believing they're not good enough and never will be. That something in them is inherently wrong and that the others are always better than them. These beliefs are damaging their self-image, self-esteem, and confidence. 

Art therapy and cognitive behavioral coaching can support your child to recognize its blueprint and attune to its true essence. Helping your child to become his individual while growing to his full potential.

Especially when living in a culture, a system, and a society that promotes nothing less than perfectionism and excellence.


The art of therapy I offer, can help your child 

  • Regulate their emotions such as stress, anxieties, insecurities, etc

  • Reconnect to their emotions and body 

  • Improve their self-image, self-esteem, and confidence 

  • Receive clarity and understanding about their inner state and outside dynamics

  • Have the space to express themselves freely verbally and non-verbally


My therapeutic modality includes: intuitive painting, coaching, NVC (non-violent communication), inner child work, guided visualised meditation, roll play and more.

Your child doesn’t need to be an artist or “creative” to be able to enjoy the benefits of art therapy. The therapy aims to process and meet the child’s emotions on paper and not to make art. The end product is irrelevant, what we want is to achieve a mental/emotional and physical expression on the paper. It's not about art making it's about self-expression. Ugly/pretty, not good enough doesn’t exist in the space of intuitive painting therapy. 


Expressive intuitive painting is driven by spontaneous impulses with no pre-planning. It involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring, roll play, guided visualized meditations, and inner child work. This method helps the individual heal their wounds and cope with their present triggers/symptoms with nonverbal communication.

I am here to offer teens support, healing, and guidance. By offering them a platform where they are heard, seen, and understood just the way they are. I intend to teach the younger generation how to self-coach, cope, and treat themselves so they can have a strong solid foundation for their future.


If your child is struggling, it is in a tremendously sensitive, fragile, and vulnerable state. Don't wait too long for your child to receive help and guidance.


Book a session with me today. 


I offer sessions In Hebrew English, and German.

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